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Keep Hush started in a tiny basement in Soho, where Fred & Freddy used to clean a whole office building every day, in return for desks… and use of the basement. It’s in this space that we started building our community slowly, and showcasing the best dance music from the underground.

The last few years have been mad: platforming artists around the world, having our own venue for a month, making merch to support artists over lockdown. We couldn’t have done any of that without you, our community. You fully get our mission to Back the Underground.

Now, the team are launching the next phase of Keep Hush. We’ve always had membership as part of Keep Hush, but now is the time to take it to the next level. This week, we’re launching a new Supporter Membership alongside this brand new website. But it’s not just about supporting the mission: we’re putting together perks and discounts that should save you money..


What do I get?

We hear you, you’ve just set up a scary direct debit to us, but trust us it's worth it. You’ll now be getting:

  • 30% off Keep Hush merch
  • Exclusive discounts from some of our fav brands
  • Carefully curated Buy Music Club every 1st friday of the month straight to ur inbox
  • Secret invite to a private Supporters whatsapp chat w/ members of the KH team
  • 1st access of our Discord in 2023 & IRL meetups /motives w fellow paying supporters

Will there be more benefits?
Yes, we are currently working closely with some really cool brands, and will launch extra benefits to our membership next year! Keep ur eyes peeled.

Where does the money go?

All the money goes towards supporting our work to platform artists and uplift the dance music community as a whole. Believe it or not it's been a hard year for us too. We have so many exciting projects we think you’ll love and won’t be able to do without your support: this includes more open decks initiatives and we’re even trying to get our hands on our own venue once again…

We changed our live stream model in 2020 to always pay artists for sets, straight from the ticket sales of attendees. Your support will help us to run these live streams more often, in more interesting locations, supporting and platforming the artists that make our scene what it is.

Who is on the team / Keep Hush fam you’re joining?

Well I'm sure you're familiar with the Freds (Fred & Freddy) who sign off our emails. But actually we are a super small team made up of just Andy, Maya, Rachel, Ruhul, Sam & Sean. All budding bedroom (ish) DJs, with a passion for music, doing our part in creating a better space for underground music to thrive. Plus we love a good rave. Dw we won’t plug our Soundclouds…

How did it all start?

Keep Hush started out as a blog to promote underground music, streetwear and art, run by Fred and Freddy. Both shared a similar perspective of the underground scene, appreciating the tight-knit communities that are formed around the music and art that they were promoting. Seeing a window of opportunity at their London offices, the two began to host low-key live streaming events in a music studio which existed in the building. You can see this if you scrolllll on our YouTube channel. The audience eventually outgrew the space and the founders were faced with the prospect of their community centred dream being no more. However, the popularity and energy of their live streams had caught the attention of Rye Wax who offered up the use of their space for future livestreams.

Following a series of iconic sets, Keep Hush was able to build an online and offline presence, expanding its schedule to bi-weekly livestreams curated by artists and labels, alongside their team curated Club Turbo nights. We’ve also expanded into creating its own range of merch.

Who can join?

Anyone & everyone is welcome. Keep Hush was set up to try and break down the cliquiness that exists in the music industry - so our main ethos is that sharing music is for everyone, no restrictions!

Difference between Keep Hush member & supporter?

So from day 1 we’ve always ensured that ppl coming to keep hush events had to RSVP as members. This name was born back in the day when KH live events were free :-( but now we gotta pay our bills & of course pay artists fairly as a priority!

TLDR: everyone currently signed up to Keep Hush mailers, newsletter etc are members, which is totally free. BUT, from now on all our paying members are now part of the Keep Hush Supporters tier.

How does it renew?

It renews monthly or annually, depending on which one you bought, until you cancel.

How much does it cost?

For the first 250 members:

  • It’s £3.99 for monthly membership
  • And £39.99 for an annual membership

After this prices will rise to £4.99 per month and £49.99 per year.

Can I contribute more?

Yes - drop us a DM if ur feeling extra generous, any help is appreciated!

Can I cancel?

To cancel, simply record a minimum 5 minute video to VHS explaining why Supporter Membership wasn’t right for you and drop it off at whichever upcoming Keep Hush event is most convenient.

Kidding… log in to our website and head to the ‘manage account’ area.

Money is tight rn, how else can I support?

We hear you, memberships are a commitment. But dw u can still support Keep Hush as a standard member, coming to our events, following / subscribing to our YT & just keep doing what u do & back the underground - we really appreciate how special our community is <3

Following a series of iconic sets, Keep Hush was able to build an online and offline presence, expanding its schedule to bi-weekly livestreams curated by artists and labels, alongside their team curated Club Turbo nights. We’ve also expanded into creating its own range of merchandise.