What is Keep Hush?


Keep Hush is a members club for underground music heads. 

We run weekly live streams across the UK: moments where our community unites to celebrate the scene, and all the people in it. 

We also run one-off pop ups, workshops, and projects, to provide our members with platforms or skills. 


Become a member of Keep Hush if you want to: 


  • join our online community, 


  • attend our weekly broadcasts,
  • participate in special projects,
  • shape the future of Keep Hush.*


*We’re serious. Get in touch.





Keep Hush Special Projects & Brand Partnerships


Let’s not beat around the bush: brand partnerships are often really shit. They are creatively lazy, don’t further the artists involved, and are exploited to coolwash brands that don’t really give a shit about the culture.


Keep Hush exists to support underground dance music artists, by being a platform, helping them make money, or connecting the scene. To achieve those goals, we launch new ideas as often as we can. However, sometimes, we can launch ideas a lot faster, and reach a lot more people, if we run them with brand support.


We will only work with brands who want to invest in grassroots music projects, and understand that the major benefits to them will be true respect from the community, and long term relationships with the artists involved. Partnerships must provide meaningful value for the community.


We believe the projects in the list below would benefit a lot from being run as brand partnerships. In the same way that we asked fans to Back The Underground by supporting artists through Keep Hush Merch Service, we’re asking brands to Back The Underground by getting involved. Hit us up if your brand wants to genuinely support the culture.


  • Greenprint Season 2: exploring the future of underground music, and the communities & people bringing it to life
  • Keep Hush World: visionary virtual nightclub space to raise money for artists and venues
  • Keep Hush Design Fellowship: linking young, underrepresented designers with industry mentors, training them, and issuing real paid briefs